We have closed the doors
and say THANK YOU!


In summer 2020, a dozen entrepreneurs set out with the aim of creating a A platform for the arts, culture, nature and science for the common good to build up. Our vision was to establish a digital home for online events in these subject areas and thus make a valuable contribution to the promotion of culture and education.


Despite the investment of considerable resources, the tireless commitment of a terrific team and great guides, we unfortunately did not manage to win over a sufficient number of providers of online events from cultural and memorial institutions for long-term cooperation. Without these partners, promoting the events on our platform proved to be a challenge that we were unable to overcome successfully.


We are not Gram, but We say thank you for the fantastic journey we have travelled together. Along the way Visited cultures of the world, climbed towers, opened exhibitions, looked behind corners and curtains and, above all, achieved one thing: We have Inspire people and let them participate in places where they could not be. That was our motto and our vision.