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Calaios is a platform for online events. Guides, Explainers and Educators offer their events on inspiring topics from the fields of art, culture, nature and science. The events can be offered free of charge or for a fee on Calaios.

You can find more information on the central questions as an organiser and guide further down on this page.

Rollers on Calaios

On Calaios we distinguish between the roles of organiser, guide and participant. Calaios acts as an intermediary between the organisers and guides as suppliers and the participants as buyers.

Organiser:inside offer their own online events on Calaios. Calaios provides the access link/code of the events to the participants who have booked the event on Calaios. After the event has taken place, Calaios settles the account with the event organiser.

Guides conduct the online event live. They give the events their face and their voice. Guides can be organisers themselves and work on their own account. Guides can also be commissioned by other organisers to act as guides and run events on their behalf.

Info Meet up

If you want to become an organiser and guide on Calaios, then come to the Calaios Info Meet up. Here we answer every Thursday at 14:00-15:00 Watch your questions and let's get to know each other.

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This is what Calaios offers you as an organiser:in


We want to establish Calaios as the central marketplace for online events in the fields of art, culture, nature and science in Europe over the next few years. We launched the first events on 15 November 2021. We actively promote all online events on several channels. You can easily integrate your events on your website via a Calaios widget, so that your customers can also book online via Calaios on your website.


On Calaios you can easily edit and publish your events. You always have an up-to-date overview of the number of bookings for your events. Your participants automatically receive your access link to the online event 24 hours before the event starts. You don't have to deal with cancellations and refunds. We take care of that for you.


You set the prices for your events yourself in the editorial area when entering the event. We offer the following price structure.

  • Normal price
  • Reduced price
  • Families, small groups & fans are always the normal price plus voluntary surcharge.
  • Price for private groups
  • Price for schools


You can offer your events on Calaios free of charge. There are no further costs for you and there is no billing. You can select the revenue model in the editorial area of the event.


We also offer the revenue model "Pay what you want". The base price is 0 EUR and the participants set the price.


The recruitment and promotion of your event is free of charge. Calaios only earns money when you earn money. We receive a commission from the revenue. From this we pay for the platform, our staff, the necessary legal advice and the transaction fees for ticketing and payment. We establish Calaios in the market by advertising and building a community. A fixed share of the income also flows into the Calaios Digital Culture Lab. In the first year, we charge first movers a commission of 20% instead of 30%.


Participants will receive the access link from Calaios 24 hours before the online event. All participants who book within 24 hours before the online event will receive the access link immediately. Participants can also retrieve the access link via the website with their order number from 24 hours before the event.


Participants can cancel free of charge up to 24 hours before the online event. You will then receive your money back without deductions. Calaios will pay the transaction costs.


As an organiser, you can cancel your online event up to 7 days before the start of the event if fewer than 5 participants have booked. If you have more than 5 participants, you are obliged to hold an event.


Calaios stands for quality, so that we inspire the participants and ensure a good environment for your events. We all share the mission of Calaios and always treat each other with respect. Before we activate you as an organiser on Calaios, we contact you directly, talk about your events and check how we can support you. Once you have been activated, you can post and publish your events on your own.


You need an access link and, if necessary, some support with the implementation of your events? Then we can offer you the following package:

We provide you with a zoom link and take over the host during the event. In a preliminary meeting, we discuss the procedure and, if necessary, create a small script. During the event, we monitor the chat. We keep an eye on the technology and the process and you can concentrate fully on your presentation. For example, during a live tour, we can show additional pictures or films in the Zoom meeting.

This support is an offer from Calaios. We then share the turnover and charge 50% as commission. You can always organise further events on your own or with the support of Calaios. If you are interested, please send us an email to We will then clarify all open questions.


We would like to provide some reassurance on the subject of image rights and recommend the guide "Bildrechte in der kunsthistorischen Praxis" by Veronika Fischer and Grischka Petri published under a free licence by ARTDok (Link). Two areas can be distinguished for Calaios.

1. during a lecture
During a live online tour or a live online lecture, copyright-protected works and photographs may also be shown, insofar as the image is needed to explain or substantiate one's own line of thought. In this case, the right of citation § 51 UhrG applies.

2. promotion of the event
Only free works and photographs may be used to advertise the events or you will need a publication permit for them. We will point this out again separately in the editorial system.


You will receive a detailed monthly statement with all bookings and income after your event. We transfer your earnings minus our commission to your account. The statements contain all tax-relevant information for the international sale of online events. The statements can be individually adapted to the requirements of municipal or self-employed organisations and small businesses.


As the first organiser, you are a very special partner for us. Through your online events on art, culture, nature and science, you fill Calaios with life. You will be one of the first testers and we will work with you to optimise the processes so that Calaios is a pleasure for you and your customers. Your advantages: As a first mover, you will receive 80% of your earnings and help shape Calaios from day one.


Calaios offers together with our partner the Pausanio Academy training seminars for the implementation of online events. In 2022, the Pausanio Academy will launch a certificate course for digital guides specially designed for Calaios. For organisers and guides of Calaios, the reduced prices always apply for these seminars.


You first want to get some information about Calaios and get to know us? And then decide whether Calaios is also a marketplace of opportunities for you? Then we would be happy to meet you online at an Info-Meet-Up and answer your questions.

Find the Info-Meet-Ups every Thursday at 2 pm and last about 1 hour. Just let us know which Thursday you want to join us. You will find the access data at the top of the page.


Calaios is a laboratory for new digital education formats and online events that inspire a digital audience. The Calaios Digital Culture Lab is the experimental space where we discuss and try out new ways of communicating art, culture, nature and science together with you and the other guides, explainers and educators. Calaios provides a collaborative working environment that all guides and organisers can use free of charge for exchange.

The Calaios Digital Culture Lab always takes place on a Friday from 16-18 h takes place. Everyone takes part for as long as it suits them. You can find the dates and further information under the following link.


When entering the events, you can select participation in the action "The Power of culture against war" in the "Actions" section and confirm this by checking the box. You waive your income from the events and Calaios will donate it plus its own commission to support artists and cultural workers in Ukraine. As usual, you will receive a transparent statement of the income from the event.


Follow the steps and we can welcome you as an organiser and guide on Calaios!

Register on

for Organiser:inside
1. activate the "organiser data" area
2. enter all necessary information and start the activation process
We will contact you. In an info meet up we clarify open questions and check how we can support you further. If we already know each other, the next step follows immediately.
We will activate you as an organiser within 24 hours. You can then post and publish your events.

for Guides
1. activate the "Guided data" area
2. enter all the necessary information
3. you carry out the activation yourself. Follow the process.


Get in touch with us and apply as an organiser:in

Info Sheet

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3×3 Steps

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