Horst Thiel

The starry sky at the turn of the year for the whole family

Wed, 29.12.202117:00 - 18:30
Horst Thiel
Red giant stars, white dwarfs, black holes and stargazing
In real time I show satellites zooming across the screen and planets and constellations, red giants, white dwarfs and black holes. Thousands of years ago, the constellations were seen as divine beings that helped sailors on the sea find their way, regulated the daily schedule and showed farmers when to sow, all very useful. The moon and the sun were the calendar makers. But priests were also given the difficult task of telling rulers whether a war campaign would be successful according to the position of the stars, and even an astronomer like Kepler earned more money from horoscopes than from his scientific work. Even today, the belief in astrology persists, especially at the beginning of the year.

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