Fake art
Emil Nolde forgery
Elisabeth Zum-Bruch
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Real or fake - On the trail of the art forgers

Fri, 28.01.2022
19:00 - 20:00
Elisabeth Zum-Bruch
Art as a crime scene: an ex-art investigator and retired chief detective provides insight into exciting and bizarre criminal cases.
Forging works of art is (almost) as old as art itself. Elisabeth Zum-Bruch hunted art forgers for almost 20 years and unmasked a multitude of alleged masterpieces - from Kirchner to Kandinsky - as not genuine. In her lecture, she will address the following aspects, among others: - the working methods of the forgers, how they can be how to catch them out and convict them, - In concrete cases, she will report, for example. how a VW Beetle betrayed a counterfeiter. betrayed a forger, - why Dali drawings were found lay - and how a Picasso ended up in a plastic bag. Do you think forgery is only a male craft? Then let us surprise you. At the end of the lecture, you are welcome to ask questions via chat or audio.

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