Jochen Schmauck-Langer

The Golden Age of Painting

Mon, 31.01.202217:00 - 18:00
Jochen Schmauck-Langer
Experience a good time! People with and without dementia can actively contribute their perceptions, experiences and memories.
Depictions of men, women and children, their lives and the social relationships in which they live: Wealth, poverty, power relations and the pursuit of happiness. The digital format makes it easy to recognise even the smallest details of a museum painting. As always, we do this without art historical presuppositions, only on the basis of what is there for all to see. Your own sensations and perceptions are very much encouraged in this interactive format.

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  • Exchange Cranach for Monet
    TH, 27 JAN 17:00
    Digital live guided tour through the current exhibition of the Paula Modersohn-Becker Museum, Bremen
  • View from above of the replica of the inner stone circle
    Stonehenge - Of people and landscapes
    FR, 28.01. 18:30
    The story of Europe's most famous archaeological monument in its uniquely preserved prehistoric environment
  • Botticelli and the mysterious woman
    FR, 28.01. 19:00
    The Ideal Female Portrait (c. 1480)