Marie-Christine Raddatz

Art & Kluntje - "The world out of joint" Art Talk III

Mon, 17.01.202217:30 - 18:30
Emden Art Gallery
An art talk on the current exhibition "Welt aus den Fugen" ("World out of joint") on the collection's own works by the artist Franz Radziwill (1895-1983).
In the three-part digital seminar series "Kunst & Kluntje", participants come together virtually over a cup of tea to discuss works from the exhibition "Welt aus den Fugen. Scharl, Katz, Radziwill" at the Kunsthalle Emden. Take a different look at art for once. Based on the respective work presented in the round, the participants will then have the opportunity to become practically creative themselves. For the practical part you will need: drawing paper, pencil, eraser and coloured pencils.

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