Marie-Christine Raddatz
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Art & Kluntje - A digital art talk on the theme of "Forest

Mon, 8.08.2022
17:30 - 18:30
Emden Art Gallery
A three-part series of talks on the current special exhibition at the Kunsthalle Emden (8.8./12.9./24.10)
Welcome online and LIVE to a visit to the exhibition "Mythos Wald. The Whisper of the Leaves" at Kunsthalle Emden. In the tour we dive into the deep forests of art, which reveal different subjective references and open up sensual-associative experiences. Here, aspects such as the symbolic power of the tree, the artistic examination of the seasons, or the forest as a projection surface for states of mind crystallise. The virtual space offers us the opportunity to view and perceive the works from our collection differently. Sometimes through music, sometimes through literature and sometimes simply in silent contemplation. Exchange and own thoughts about the artworks are desired, but not a prerequisite for participation.

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