Sonja Lucas

Ludwigslust Palace - the Versailles of the North

Do, 17.03.202210:30 - 12:00
Sonja Lucas
Never heard of Ludwigslust? Then it's time to change that and take a virtual trip to the former Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin.
The majestic Ludwigslust Palace and its sumptuous furnishings with furniture, paintings (including those by Oudry), sculptures (including busts by Houdon), porcelain and more take us back to the courtly world of the late 18th century. The same applies to the planned residential town and the columned palace church. The lecture also includes a comparison with the French royal residence of Versailles, spiced with anecdotes about court life. But how could at least something be saved with all the expense? With 'carton' made of Ludwigslust papier-mâché, the recipe for which its inventor took to his grave. Even if some things will remain a secret forever - here we take an exciting look behind the magnificent scenes. Photo: F. Burchert,

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