Annette Schneider
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Longing for peace: Picasso's dove

Thu, 10.03.2022
How did the dove become a symbol for peace, what does Picasso's daughter, the goddess Har and Noah's Ark have to do with it?
Longing for peace: Picasso's dove The dove - it is considered an international symbol for peace. Find out why in our short ART BREAK at lunchtime. We invite you to take a break for a few minutes in these difficult times and focus on the symbol that stands for hope and peace. In our FREE ONLINE LUNCH ART BREAK you will have the opportunity to get to know us and to gain an insight into our ART BREAKS by being introduced to a selected work of art. A preview of upcoming events will round off the lunch break. Our regular ONLINE ART BREAKS are 90-minute online lectures on a specific topic or in the context of a selected exhibition and take place with the video tool ZOOM.

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    Stonehenge - Of people and landscapes
    Fri, 27.05.
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    Sat, 28.05.
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  • Roofs of Cologne Cathedral - the secret life of the cathedral
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    11:00 - 12:00
    Welcome online to a visit to the roof spaces of Cologne Cathedral.

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