What climate change means for us and how it could be mitigated

Fri, 7.10.2022
19:30 - 21:00
This online lecture by Dr Klaus Jäger shows how we can mitigate climate change and its consequences with a combination of many measures.
The lecture explains the causes and consequences of climate change. With the climate simulator En-ROADS from climateinteractive.org we realise that there is no patent remedy for climate protection. Rather, we need to combine a variety of climate protection measures in order to be successful. We see that man-made global warming is bringing the world closer and closer to the abyss. On the other hand, we have the necessary knowledge, the appropriate technologies and the necessary economic instruments to limit climate change. A number of good news stories from the climate and nature conservation sectors prove that we are experiencing an enormous momentum right now. We are at the beginning of a turning point.... The lecture will be followed by a discussion.

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