Horst Thiel
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How the constellations came into the sky

Wed, 8.03.2023
Horst Thiel
Interesting facts about the cultural history of our constellations
In this planetarium show, Horst Thiel, founder of the Bad Driburg Observatory, shows the constellations of the event evening with their fascinating objects, even lets satellites glide across the projection screen in real time and gives instructions on how anyone can use their mobile phone outdoors to observe the sky. Constellations were seen as divine beings thousands of years ago, helping with navigation at sea, regulating the daily routine and indicating times for agricultural work. Our days of the week and the number of the 12 months come from them. Priests were given the extremely difficult task of interpreting the future for the rulers according to the position of the stars, and even an astronomer like Kepler earned more money from horoscopes than from his scientific work. Even today, the belief in astrology persists and is a lucrative business.

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