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On Calaios, guides, explainers and educators offer their events on topics from the fields of art, culture, nature and science. Calaios acts as an intermediary. We take care of the outreach so that the guides and organisers can inspire a digital audience and earn money with their offers. Calaios also provides a community for digital mediation formats. We experiment with new formats, share our experiences and train the next generation.

Calaios will go online in autumn 2021. Do you want to be part of it from the beginning and offer your own events on Calaios? Then get in touch with us and apply to become an event organiser and guide on Calaios.

This is what Calaios offers you as an organiser:in


We want to establish Calaios as a central sales platform in Europe over the next three years. To this end, we will start in autumn 2021 with up to 100 events, which we will actively promote on several channels. You can easily integrate your events on your website via a Calaios widget, so that your customers can also book online via Calaios on your website.


On Calaios you can easily edit and publish your events. You always have an up-to-date overview of the number of bookings for your events. Your participants automatically receive your link to the video conference 24 hours before the event starts. You can also purchase a zoom link for the event at Calaios. You have nothing to do with cancellations and transfers. We take care of that for you.


You set the prices for your events yourself in the editorial area when entering the event. The prices on Calaios have the following basic structure:

  • Normal price
  • Reduced price (approx. 20-40% less)
  • Family price is always normal price plus voluntary surcharge
  • Price for private groups
  • Price for schools


Calaios stands for quality, so that we inspire the participants and ensure a good environment for your events. We all share the mission of Calaios and always treat each other with respect. Before we activate you as an organiser on Calaios, we contact you directly, talk about your events and check how we can support you. Once you have been activated, you can publish your events on your own.


You will receive a detailed monthly statement of your events with all bookings and income. The overview shows the amount of commission and your earnings, which are transferred to your account. The statements contain all information relevant under tax law for the international sale of online events. The statements can be individually adapted to the needs of municipal or self-employed organisations and freelancers.


Together with our partner the Pausanio Academy, Calaios will offer seminars on the implementation of online events from autumn 2021. In addition, the Pausanio Academy is currently developing a certificate course for digital guides that is specially tailored to Calaios and will start in 2022. For organisers and guides of Calaios, the reduced prices always apply for these seminars.


The recruitment and promotion of your event is free of charge. Calaios only earns money when you earn money. We receive 30% of the participation fees. From this we pay for the platform, our staff, the necessary legal advice and the transaction fees for ticketing and payment. We establish Calaios in the market through advertising and community building. A fixed share of the income also flows into the Calaios Digital Culture Lab.


Calaios is a lab for new digital education formats and online offers that inspire a digital audience. The Calaios Digital Culture Lab is an experimental space where we will work with you and the other guides, explainers and educators to try out new ways of communicating art, culture, nature and science. Calaios provides a collaborative working environment that all guides and organisers can use for free. The first Kick-off event is on 11.10.2021 from 16:30-18:30. Please register for this at


We are launching the Calaios platform on 4 November 2021. As the first organiser, you are a very special partner for us. Through your digital offerings on art, culture, nature and science, you will bring Calaios to life. You will be one of the first testers and we will work with you to optimise the processes so that Calaios is a pleasure for you and your customers. Your advantages: If you offer an event in 2021, you will receive 80% from your earnings. In addition, you will be involved in shaping Calaios from day one.


Get in touch with us. Tell us about your experience in the field of conception and implementation of online formats. Present your events that you want to offer on Calaios. We will contact you and meet for the first Info Meet up via Zoom. Currently we hold Info Meet ups every Thursday between 14-15:30. We want to get to know you, clarify any open questions and discuss how we can support you. If it suits both of us, we will activate you as an organiser:in for the platform.

Welcome to Calaios.

Get in touch with us and apply as an organiser:in

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