About Calaios

With the Corona pandemic, many art mediators and city guides were out of work in a short time. Cultural institutions had to close, guided tours and workshops could no longer take place on site. In the Pausanio Academy's seminars on cultural entrepreneurship, there was a great need to develop ideas for paid digital services so that the guides could earn money again and the public could experience art and culture.

A group of entrepreneurs has not let go of the topic. Over the last few months, we have developed a business model from the ideas that we believe in and that we want to establish in the market. Pausanio GmbH & Co. KG invests in Calaios and provides the financing. Since June, our team has been working flat out on the realisation so that Calaios can go online in autumn. Help us to make Calaios successful!

Our mission

We want People inspire and bring them together, offer them the opportunity to cross cultural boundaries, provide individual offers and enable new experiences and ways of seeing. The world of art, culture, nature and science should be accessible to all.

We are thrilled by the diversity of the world, which is shaped by different Cultures has been animated and interpreted for many thousands of years. These cultures have left behind places where we can still follow the traces of a bygone era and experience history live. The diversity of cultures is a great asset to us.

We want to get away from the Arts Let us be surprised, because they give us new perspectives on the world. With online tours, lectures & workshops, we want to open up access and enable contact with the arts of the past and present.

We want to move away from places of Nature that are inaccessible to us. Not everyone has to be there, but everyone should have the opportunity to experience places. Digitality enables us to actively participate and is thus part of a gentle and sustainable tourism.

On Calaios we ask big and small questions about the world, its nature and cultures. The Sciences help us to answer the questions that always open up the world to us a little further. In the events, we want to create access to questions and answers that move us today.


Our team now consists of 14 people, all with very different skills. We are art historians, historians, guides, explainers, educators, programmers and designers. We are united by the joy of digital work and we are passionate about cultural, natural-historical and scientific questions and stories, and we always like to be surprised by art and culture.

Founders:inside of Calaios are:
Sabine Görner, Mariana Jung, Holger Simon and Anita Thanhofer

Miriam Barnitz, Katharina Derlin, Anke von Heyl, Christin Müller-Wenzel and many friends and acquaintances who give us feedback have also made a fundamental contribution to turning the idea into a business model.